Cross Roads Christian Life Coaching 
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Jeannie Monge
The Dawn of Each New Day 
Brings Fresh Opportunity!

Jeannie specializes in five areas; 
  • Life Purpose Coaching
  • Marriage & Family Coaching 
  • Spiritual Growth Coaching 
  • Health & Wellness Coaching 
  • Small Business Development. 

Jeannie attended Philadelphia Biblical University and studied Bible and Christian Leadership. She holds a Multidisciplinary degree from Liberty University in Bible and Christian Counseling. She is a Board Certified Biblical Counselor and a Board Certified Master Christian Life Coach through the American Association of Christian Counselors and a Charter Member of ICCA. She is a certified Life Purpose Coach with Life Purpose Coaching Centers International. Jeannie is also on the board of Frontline Ministries and a member of Light House CMA Church. Visit her blog or follow her on Twitter @freetowalk!

"I'm Committed to Helping Women who are "Stuck" Achieve their God Given Dreams!
A Client Writes...

In just three short meetings I found a peace I have not known for a while. I didn’t know what to expect but God truly blessed our time together and took us where He wanted us to go.

Jeannie is so good for this type of mission. She is a very good listener and seems to have a knack for weeding out what is important in a spiritual life and what is not.

I was doubtful that I wanted to do this but I am so glad I did and would be continuing if I wasn’t moving away from the area. What I thought would be a trial session proved to be something I did not want to stop! What a blessing she has become. Thank you Jeannie, this was something I really needed.  J. S.  New Jersey

Your Privacy is extremely important to us. Please be assured that all information shared prior to, during and after your coaching session will be held in the strictest confidence.  
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The Long and Winding Road that Led to His Door and . . .

Cross Roads Christian Life Coaching & 
Biblical Counseling

I went through divorce at a young age and looking back I've learned that every Cross Road has been an opportunity to rely on my faithful Lord! He has always been my Master Teacher. He continues to bring me through the University of Life! Looking forward I desire to use the road behind me to help other women like yourself, who may be stuck at a “Cross Road” discover God’s purpose and plan for your life. My God given entrepreneurial spirit has not only gotten me into trouble at times, but has taken me on a miraculous journey! I am in awe of what God can do with a broken vessel that “apart from Him, can do nothing!” 


My God adventures have included the privilege of owning several businesses. I have also had the privilege of serving as Director in a Christian Children's Learning Center and a local Crisis Pregnancy Center. Starting in my early twenties I met one on one with women to help them implement  a healthier lifestyle that included nutrition and exercise. Wellness has been a common thread that has always run through my life.  A beach chair and umbrella rental business was my first endeavor, progressing to a plant, pottery and macrame shop.  Later I opened a fitness studio, tanning salon and boutique.  I've also had the privilege of heading up several fundraisers which were able to raise thousands of dollars for local organizations. Some of which included speakers such as Oliver North, Judge Moore and Alan Keyes. I am now co-owner with my husband and son of Bella Vida Cafe, located in a small beach town. 

This past experience has endowed me with a wealth of knowledge that I would love to share with you as you develop your business. Why learn from your own mistakes when you can learn from mine?


My fitness center eventually took a toll on my family and I learned the hard way that auditioning for roles, modeling sneakers, coordinating events, making TV commercials and hosting Radio talk shows was replacing valuable time with my husband and three young children.  I realized the strain on my relationship with my husband and marriage and that if things didn't change I was about to become divorced a second time.

I recommitted my life to the Lord and God answered my cry for “one pure and holy passion” and prayer “to be the wife and mom God wanted me to be”.  God prompted me to close my loved and successful business and follow His purpose for my life and family. God restored my marriage and since then has taken me and my husband on one amazing adventure in life after another. 

My husband and I have (by the grace of God!) been married 32 years and have three precious grandsons and a granddaughter!  We now minister to other couples  and own “Bella Vida Garden Cafe” with our son.  

MINISTRY Experience

Yes I love development, first and foremost, I love to watch as God takes a woman and transforms her into the person He created her to be! After my fitness studio closed God prompted me to teach a fitness class that incorporated scripture memory and meditation. I have had the pleasure and privilege of facilitating many groups over the years through  which God continued to train and teach me as He ministered to others! Some of which include; Discipleship  Training; Beth Moore Studies; The Purpose Driven Church; The Purpose Driven Life; Divorce Care; The Bondage Breaker; Victory over the Darkness; Homes of Honor; Love & Respect; Boundaries with Kids; The Five Languages of Love; Sacred Marriage; Many studies on individual books of the Bible.  

God took me through my own lesson on forgiveness as He inspired me to write and facilitate a study called "What Would Jesus Pray" which I've brought to several groups. My husband and I founded a Saleo Soccer Ministry in a church that ministered to children and teens ages 4-20.  We also founded FNL (Friday Nite LIfe) a youth outreach ministry which witnessed God meeting hundreds of teens face to face. 

I have a passion for writing and God took me through a season of my life where He inspired me to write and present over 300 children's sermons, called "Kidz Korner". Someday I hope to turn them into children's books! 


I owned and operated Body Mechanix Arobix Studio for eight years and trained instructors to teach a myriad of classes. During that time I spoke to many women's groups on the topic of health and fitness.  In addition to woman's clubs, I spoke to High Schools, did Radio Talk Shows and National Fitness Events. Personal fitness training has been my passion for more than twenty years and I've written numerous articles on health and wellness. I produced, wrote and hosted a fitness show for local TV and facilitated over sixty fitness classes a week. My hearts desire has always been to see women "put the life back into their living"! 

I now understand that our physical health is only one component to a "Healthy Life".  I love to be used by God to journey with women who are stuck at a crossroad in their life.  He unrolls a path of freedom as they discover His Divine plan and purpose for them!  He not only transforms bodies but transforms hearts and minds as well!