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​As your Life Purpose Coach, I will provide encouragement, support and accountability as we journey together through a process of change, growth and discovery. Using Katie Brazelton’s book, “Conversations on Purpose for Women”, over 10 weeks of 1 hour conversations, I will help you unpack God’s unique purpose for your life.

I understand first person that “There is no life that God can't turn around if one is willing, there are no marriages that He cannot resurrect from the dead, there are no "bad" children that God cannot transform when parents are willing to allow Him to work!” With a willing heart, strengthened relationship with Christ and understanding of His word, He can break the chains that bind and set one “free to walk” the path of life He designed for YOU to live as you seek to fulfill the Covenant you made with Him AND your spouse! There are steps you can take to ward off the evils of divorce!

My personal training experience and background in the fitness industry eventually led me to understand that "being fit" encompasses much more that just "looking good".  You can look good on the outside but have an unhealthy heart, be thinking unhealthy thoughts, living a life style that is ready to self destruct at any given minute.  A healthy body, mind and spirit are necessary components to freedom. I will walk beside you in this journey, celebrating each victory and accomplishment with you! 

When you decide to do life God's way, hold on because you are in for the ride of your life!  My God adventures include the privilege of owning several businesses.  Starting with a beach chair and umbrella rental business and progressing to a plant, pottery and macrame shop to a fitness studio, tanning salon and boutique.  I am  now co-owner with my husband and son of Bella Vida Cafe located in a small beach town. My past experience has endowed me with a wealth of knowledge.  I would love to share with you as you develop your business step by step.  Why learn from your own mistakes when you can learn from mine?

Divorce Busters!  Marriage & Family Coaching

Spiritual Growth Coaching
Sometimes God seems so very far away and we feel stuck in our Christian Walk and distant in our relationship with Jesus.  I too have felt that way and I can help you unpack some of those feelings.  I will walk beside you and help you take clear and concise steps that will strengthen your walk with Him! 
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My Life Coaching and Mentorship Practice is designed to help woman who may feel stuck at a cross road in life.  Woman, like yourself, who desire to discover and fulfill God's purpose and plan! Do you feel stuck in your marriage and without hope? Stuck in relationships with others? Do you feel stagnant in your spiritual walk? Are you having trouble getting your business off the ground? Do you feel like you're spinning your wheels when it comes to your health and fitness level?  I CAN HELP! Our coaching sessions will include written communication (emails) and/or 50 minute conversations that may take place face-to-face, via telephone or Skype. Over the course of ten weeks – I will prayerfully help you discover and fulfill God's purpose for your life.